Louisiana industry mulls offshore wind as power source


Offshore wind farms in the Gulf of Mexico proposed by the Biden Administration could generate enough electricity for 3.1 million homes in Texas and Louisiana. But industry is eyeing the potential for offshore wind farms to instead power oil refining, steel and fertilizer manufacturing and other industrial processes, reports Louisiana Illuminator.

The administration has committed to building 30 gigawatts of offshore wind to power 10 million homes nationally by 2030 to help boost renewable energy in the country. But multiple companies interested in leasing offshore parcels in the Gulf of Mexico want to use that energy to make renewable hydrogen to power industrial processes to reduce their carbon footprint.

The so-called “green” hydrogen could be sent to shore via the gulf’s existing extensive oil and gas pipeline network and replace traditional hydrogen made from fossil fuels. Green hydrogen could reduce the state’s carbon emissions by as much as 68% and spark an industrial revolution, according to proponents. Read the entire story.