How Entergy is preparing for the future of electric vehicles


As electric vehicles rise in popularity, Entergy is preparing its Louisiana service areas for the shift away from traditional cars by electrifying its fleets, building out EV infrastructure and aiding in creating alternative fuel corridors in Baton Rouge and throughout the state.

Entergy has recently added light-duty EVs to its fleet of service vehicles, says Scott Barrios, electric mobility catalyst and senior account manager at Entergy Louisiana. They are also working to build out charging infrastructure at their service centers, he says, which will help to electrify more of their vehicles.

The goal of Entergy’s eTech initiative, launched in 2019, is to help customers in electrifying their everyday operations. Funding is available to businesses to construct infrastructure for EVs, marine vessels and electrifying company’s support equipment, Barrios says. Those incentives are also available to Louisiana customers who install an EV charger in their home’s garage or driveway.

In Baton Rouge, Entergy is working with CATS to add more electric buses to its fleet and to install charging stations for those buses. At Amazon’s new robotics facility coming to Baton Rouge, Entergy is assisting in providing electric vehicle charging for Amazon delivery vehicles.

Louisiana’s planned alternative fuels corridor, funded by a VW settlement, will also have some assistance from Entergy, Barrios says, adding the company is partnering with Louisiana Clean Fuels and working with customers to install home chargers and direct current fast-charging stations along major state highways like I-10 and I-12 to create the corridor.