ExxonMobil planning $100M resin production facility at Port Allen site


ExxonMobil has plans for a new facility in West Baton Rouge specializing in manufacturing durable resins for use in sustainable construction and renewable energy.

The new manufacturing and packaging facility will be located on available land at the existing Port Allen Lubricants Plant, says Stephanie Cargile, ExxonMobil’s Baton Rouge public and government affairs manager.

The project, a potential $100 million investment, would create nine permanent full-time jobs— four employee positions and five contractor jobs.

Cargile says that the total estimated construction payroll for the project would be $12.4 million, adding the project would generate an estimated $9.8M in sales and property tax revenue over 20 years.

The facility will manufacture polyolefin thermoset resins with uses in multiple industries, including wind turbine blades, electric vehicle parts, sustainable construction and anti-corrosion coatings, Cargile adds.

“The project could support the emerging wind turbine blade industry in our state,” she says.

Compared to epoxy and polyurethane, the new resin would be 10% to 15% lighter and more resistant to harsh chemicals and climates.

The new resin facility is part of an estimated $250 million Innovation Suite that ExxonMobil is developing for the Capital Region. ExxonMobil’s final investment decision for the suite—including projects focused on isopropyl alcohol production and advanced recycling—is expected during the first quarter of 2024, with construction beginning later in the year.