LMOGA emphasizes energy policy in letter to Biden

(Photography by Don Kadair) Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association President Tyler Gray

In a Jan. 14 letter to President-Elect Biden, the Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil & Gas Association (LMOGA) addressed the challenges and opportunities facing Louisiana’s oil and natural gas industry.

“State and federal policies that promote a robust oil and natural gas industry will be critical in rebuilding our economy and maintaining America’s status as an energy leader,” says Tyler Gray, LMOGA president and general counsel, in the letter. “In the year ahead, LMOGA will continue to advocate for policies that promote technological innovation, advance modern energy infrastructure and support access and development of our state’s abundant oil and natural gas resources.”

Also in the letter, LMOGA says there is a need for a strong, long-term energy policy that spurs investment, promotes homegrown energy, protects jobs and recognizes the importance of a strong oil and natural gas industry. LMOGA represents exploration and production, refining, transportation, marketing, and mid-stream companies as well as other firms in the fields of law, engineering, environment, financing, and government relations. See LMOGA Letter for more.