Chas Roemer: Capturing 4 million net tons of carbon dioxide annually is G2 Net Zero’s strategy


At full capacity, proposed Louisiana LNG export facility G2 Net Zero plans to capture over 4 million tons of carbon dioxide on an annual basis, Chairman Chas Roemer tells Natural Gas Intelligence in a new interview.

Roemer tells the energy market publication he believes his project is the first net-zero LNG export project under development in the world and—more importantly—will be the first to achieve net-zero LNG production.

In the interview, Roemer notes that other companies are talking about getting to net-zero with nothing but offsets. While such initiatives are important, he says, no one “actually believes [offsets] will ultimately be the solution to environmental problems.”

“We started this project about two years ago,” Roemer tells author Jamison Cocklin. “We’re not only looking at the emissions of our plant, we’re going upstream and looking at the source of our feed gas as well. We plan to capture 100% of our plant’s emissions, and we’ll reduce our emissions at the wellhead by an estimated 85%. We’ll also have a small amount of carbon offsets to cover the rest of our feed gas. Offsets will be a very small percentage of what we do. … But when we’re at full capacity, we will capture over four million tons of carbon dioxide on an annual basis.”

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