Petroleum engineering most common college degree in Louisiana

Recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that Louisiana’s adults are seven times more likely to have a degree in petroleum engineering than the rest of the U.S. That makes it the most “concentrated degree” in the state, reports The Center Square.

An estimated 0.41% of adults in the state have a petroleum engineering degree, compared to 0.06% of adults nationwide.

Though demand for petroleum engineers workers is higher than average, that’s not necessarily the case for compensation.¬†Adults with a petroleum engineering degree in Louisiana earn an average of $65,676 per year compared to the average income among all Americans with the degree of $84,648.

There are over 170 different fields of study tracked by the U.S. Census Bureau in which undergraduate students can earn a degree. Despite the wide range of academic subjects offered at colleges and universities, over half of the 75 million American adults with a bachelor’s degree majored in one of just 15 fields of study. See the entire story.