Formosa blames pandemic for major construction delay in St. James


FG LA LLC, a member of the Formosa Plastics Group, announced last week that it will delay major construction activities at its Sunshine petrochemicals project in St. James Parish, reports the Independent Commodity Intelligence Services.

The widespread impacts of a global pandemic, along with the challenges of evaluating construction costs and restrictions on international travel, played critical roles in the decision, according to Janile Parks, director of community and government relations at FG LA LLC.

FG won’t resume major construction until the pandemic has subsided or an effective vaccine is widely available, Parks adds.

Other activities, however, will continue through the second half of 2020, including the widening of Highway 3127, utility relocations, soil testing, placement of test piles and a pipeline removal. The Sunshine Project is planned to be built in two phases with an estimated total investment of around $9.4 billion. The company has received all environmental permits needed to begin construction of the Sunshine Project. Independent Commodity Intelligence Services has the full story.