Vidalia graphite plant to quadruple in size to supply graphite for electric cars


The Syrah graphite plant in Vidalia is set to quadruple in size to supply electric vehicles, backed by millions in federal loans, reports

A nondescript metal building surrounded by farm fields just south of Vidalia might seem like an unlikely spot for an important nexus of the electric car industry. 

But that’s what it’s poised to become. Inside the building, Australia-based mining company Syrah Technologies has processed the mineral graphite under a pilot program since 2018. Graphite is a key component in lithium ion batteries.

With the help of a $107 million federal loan announced last month, Syrah plans to more than quadruple the plant’s footprint. That will mean adding a projected 36 jobs as part of a project to create the first commercial-scale graphite processor in the United States that produces Active Anode Material, which is used in the batteries that power electric cars. Read the entire story.