Honeywell expanding Baton Rouge facility

Honeywell, Geismar, La.

Honeywell is planning to expand its Baton Rouge facility to double the production capacity of Solstice ze, a supermarket refrigerant that it says uses 35% less energy, the company announced Nov. 17.

Demand for energy-conserving products is growing, and the doubled capacity of the facility aims to meet that market potential, the company says.

Multiple global regulations require lowering the use of hydrofluorocarbons, driving demand for products like Solstice ze, based on hydrofluoroolefin, which the company calls a more sustainable product. Solstice ze is used in foam insulation, in refrigeration and in air conditioning applications.

Honeywell is the most recent Baton Rouge-area plant to announce it will double its production capacity. ExxonMobil’s new $500 million polypropylene plant, slated to be completed in 2022, will double the billion pounds of product the plant produces each year.