Lafayette’s H2O LLC acquires BOSS Separators brand


H2O LLC, a Lafayette-based supplier of potable water, electro-chlorination and sewage treatment systems for marine vessels and offshore oil and gas platforms, announced in an Aug. 12 press release that it has acquired the assets of BOSS Separators from Recovered Energy Inc. The BOSS Separators brand, which are oily water separators designed for the marine industry, will remain intact.

H2O opens new markets for BOSS Separators, which now has access to a larger customer base and greater service capabilities. At the same time, H2O is able to bundle and offer more water treatment solutions to existing clients. H2O also enhances the BOSS Separators product from an engineering standpoint, enabling customization for more complex projects with comprehensive specifications.

H2O’s wastewater systems will now incorporate BOSS Separators to solve contaminated water streams problems with an emphasis on re-using that water. Read the entire press release.